The Fun Part

The Fun Part
The EJ20/EJ25 engines, typically run with about 3-3.5 quarts of oil in the pan between 4000-5500 rpms. For ease of data collection, the following videos assume 3 quarts in the stock pan and 4 quarts in the larger Killer B pan.

All of these videos show an earlier design plate. The new one, now for sale, has a larger main oil drain-back hole and a much steeper bottom baffle to ease the process of returning oil making it’s way back down into the pan. All street and track testing data was performed with the newer plate.

This first video clearly shows the oil in a stock pan starting to leave at around 34 degrees or .67 g’s. The hash marks on the dip tube are quarts.

This second video was meant to show that the ArcTangent Oil Control Plate would keep the engine safe past 53 degrees or 1.3 g’s. Much to our surprise, it kept the majority of the oil in the pan out to an astounding 63 degrees or 1.96 g’s. (And if you guessed correctly, the older design oil pan was the star of our testing. It carried it’s oil quantity very low and posted some unbelievable numbers! The newer style pan, while popular with header fitment, carried it’s oil far higher and had some very different numbers with respect to right hand and left hand turns.)

This final video shows the Killer B pan with our Oil Control Plate hanging on until around 53 degrees or 1.25 g’s with no loss of oil.