Installation Instructions:

Disclaimer and Warranty
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Installation Instructions: Subaru EJ20/EJ25 applications.
It is strongly recommended that this oil control plate be installed by
an experienced tuning shop or mechanic.

1. Please refer to the factory service manual when removing
the oil pan.

2. This plate is NOT designed to be installed with the OEM windage
tray nor any aftermarket windage tray or baffle plate.

3. Ignore the various “UP” markings on the plate as they were meant
for ease of fabrication. The upright plates are meant to go
upward and the angled bottom assembly goes downward, into
the oil pan.

4. Place a bead of factory-approved sealant on the lower surface of
the engine block or upper surface of the oil control plate. Install
plate by starting EVERY outer bolt into it’s threads, tighten only
until they bottom, then back off all outer bolts 1/2 turn. Install
the 4 interior bolts and tighten to specification. Remove
only the bolts needed to install oil pickup tube. Torque all pickup
tube bolts to specified torque. Remove all outer bolts.

5. Install the breather tube gasket.

6. Please refer to the factory service manual for reinstall of the oil