This is the ArcTangent Design Oil Control Plate. It is an affordable alternative to expensive dry sump systems. It’s job is to keep your Subaru EJ engine’s oil in the oil pan and out of the cylinder heads during hard cornering. It is constructed from .060″ stainless steel, has no moving parts, nothing to wear out and has been tested on a pressurized motion simulator, tested on the street and tested on the race track in the general manager of NCM Motrorsports Park’s Factory Five 818R.

This oil control plate has been designed for use with 2002-2014 WRX/2004+ STI, early and later design Subaru oil pans, stock pickup as well as early and later design Killer B pickups and the Killer B oil pan. It is designed to be used without the factory nor any aftermarket windage trays, baffle plates or crankshaft scrapers.

The Arctangent Design Oil Control Plate is now being sold exclusively by my co-developer at Hammond Motorsports.